MAIA AI workbench

From Image to Insight
Let MAIA workbench assists your medical AI project.

MAIA is a deep learning software for medical image analysis.
Researchers can use MAIA at AI research and generating their own AI models.
It relies on our state-of-the-art transfer learning and hyper-parameter tuning technology.
MAIA also helps implement your model faster and easier.
Handcraft AI project
Researcher not only collect data, but also manage other training process.
If you want to initiate an AI project, here are some consideration.
1 You need a deep learning technical team. 2 Relabel – Retrain is a useful strategy, but it takes lot of time. 3 How to keep medical image privacy? 4 How to evaluate my model? 5 How to host your model for inference as a prediction service? What our technology do? With our software, you can pay more attention on data.
Our deep learning software will take care of deep learning process. MAIA is your AI project assistant.
Automatic AI project
User-friendly deep learning software solution allow for comprehensive analysis of your plain image, including chest X-ray, fundus Images and other medical images.
Our software cover following steps:
1 Image Viewer: Researchers can view image and modified label in the viewer 2 Training: Automatic deep learning process. Researcher only need basic AI concept. 3 Evaluation: Comprehensive figure and measurement for evaluation. 4 Test: Inference module for independent testing Launched module: Launched module: Classification for plain image Expected module: Segmentation for CT/MRI (in progress)



Image viewer:

Image viewer ensure a reliable way to check, analyze and re-label medical images.


Automatic training:

MAIA leverages engineer AI research technology. It helps doctor to train an AI project with various deep learning skill, including image pre-processing, pre-trained model selection, hyper-parameter tuning, reducing Over-fitting….


Various figure and table

How to evaluate a model maybe another problem for user. MAIA provide lot of measurement at once.





Test module

View your prediction result at any time. Or you can pre-label new image by the test module.




A medical image DL workbench that works for domain expertise


We believe AI solution comes from users need. MAIA enables

medical domain expertise with limited machine learning education to train high-quality models specific to their medical needs.

Utilizing cutting-edge deep learning technology, unique features and algorithms widely used by scientific leaders in industry and academia to overcome challenges associated with data analysis.


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