COPY-Medical AI Assistant

Dream to attain reliable analysis in a few clicks?
Medical AI Assistant is your perfect choice 

MAIA is a deep learning software for medical image analysis.
MAIA is your reliable assistant in AI research and generating AI prediction models.
Our technology includes transfer learning and hyper-parameter tuning technology.
MAIA is time-saving for your AI work-flow implementation.
Traditional AI project

Researchers are in charge of not only collecting data, but also the management of the training process.
Considerations of initiating an AI project:
1 A professional deep learning technical team is required. 2 Relabel & Retrain are needed, but the process is time-consuming. 3 Tackle medical image privacy issues. 4 The evaluation of model training quality. 5 How the model could serve as inference for prediction.
What our technology does?
With our software, you can fix your focus on sorting out the data while our deep learning software will take care of the deep learning process.
MAIA is your AI project assistant.
Automatic AI project
User-friendly deep learning software solution allows comprehensive analysis of your plain image, including X-ray, CT, MRI, SPECT and other medical images.
Software features:
1 Image Viewer: Researchers can view images and modify labels in the viewer. 2 Training: Automatic deep learning process. Researchers need only basic AI knowledge. 3 Evaluation: Comprehensive figures and measurements are displayed for evaluation. 4 Test: Inference module for independent testing. Launched module: Classification/Regression/Segmentation for medical images.

    Medical AI Assistant/ Product Features

Image Viewer:
Image viewer enables re-label and zoom-in functions 
of the images.



Automatic Training:
MAIA leverages AI research technology and enables physicians to launch an AI project that involves various deep learning skills including image pre-processing, pre-trained model selection, hyper-parameter tuning, reducing Over-fitting….

Model Evaluation:
With the display of confusion matrix, AUC, ROC curve and other figures and tables, the effectiveness of models can be evaluated. 


Testing Function:
Testing sets can be loaded within any trained projects to receive instant predictions.


Medical AI assistant that works for domain expertise

We believe that AI is the solution to medical image analysis

MAIA is the ultimate tool for medical domain expertise to obtain high-quality AI prediction models with limited machine learning knowledge.
Please do not hesitate to contact us to partner with MAIA.
With our cutting-edge deep learning technology, unique software features and algorithms, we believe that MAIA and MUEN team is your best choice.