Medical AI Becomes Mainstream, Muen & CloudRiches Create New Digital Transformation

CloudRiches’ core role is a Managed Service Provider (MSP). During the past 4 years, CloudRiches has serviced over 400 enterprises in harnessing the cloud in order to conduct digital transformation, and has coached the manufacturing, financial, medical, teleservices industry, etc., to transform successfully.

Among all fields, CloudRiches has helped Muen get notable results in medical research. Kuang-Shen Lee, a doctor from Taiwan Association of Artificial Intelligence Research and Development in Biomedicine, and Zhi-Yu Yang, a nephrologist from Taipei Veterans General Hospital, both set new examples of AI in medical research with the aid of Muen’s AI algorithms as well as MSP behind.

The Power of Cloud and AI Contribute to a Great Progress in Medical Research

Dr. Lee stated that in terms of medical researchers, previous patients were all recorded case by case, which brought about poor efficiency of collecting image data. In recent years, thanks to the progress of AI analysis in medical research, with large quantities of samples, MRI image analysis has become possible.

In the solution to MRI image interpretation, Muen used AI to help the MRI diagnostic radiology of ACL tear with labeled abnormal images by cross-referring 400 cases. Through a great number of images, Muen cultivates the computer's image-interpreting ability, which enables doctors to determine whether ACL is normal with advanced efficiency.
Dr. Yang has put AI in medicine into practice in many ways. Shortly before, he worked together with the Muen biomedical team to do research on patients with kidney injury after receiving cardiac surgeries. Muen’s Medical AI Aggregator (MAIA) collected data from 671 patients, trained AI repeatedly, and retested 202 cases having statistical significance; finally, they used AI tracking to predict which patients had the probability of injury. By taking intensive care of patients at high risk of AKI, it would effectively reduce the likelihood of complications of kidney disease.

Besides, Dr. Yang utilizes Muen's Medical Query Expert (MQE). Precisely searching for medical queries and related abstracts, MQE helps doctors export examples of thesis format and then edits it by using natural language; better yet, it acquires information accurately and speedily.

Mighty Digital Assistance and MSP Create New Business Models
AI is not an innovative concept. In the past, there were technical concerns about software and hardware. 3 years ago, Yu-Chen Wang, a doctor from Muen Biomedical Optoelectronic Technology Inc., perceived software and hardware technology turned mature; therefore, he formed a team to assist the medical field with exploiting AI in order to strengthen their own advantages. 

Dr. Wang claimed that doctors had been bothered for years by algorithms as well as complicated operations, not to mention the incalculable communication costs when doing research. To cope with this problem, engineers from the Muen team spent a great amount of time designing the interface suiting medical usage.

Aside from process optimization, doctors also wished they could accomplish AI work without high-performing computers; that's why Muen collaborates with CloudRiches to provide aid of cloud computing and data-sharing for clients. To date, doctors can make use of the existing architecture to speed up optimizing AI in medicine.

Having won the 2020 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award, the CloudRiches technology team owns more than 50 certificates officially issued by Microsoft. With the experience of maintaining the cloud and developing software, the team helps enterprises to set better configurations when establishing cloud architecture.

MSP optimizes cloud architecture and at the same time reaches surpassing operating efficiency with economical spendings. Depending on situations, MSP can at most save over 40% of business costs.

Yuan-Hang Zeng, the chairperson of CloudRiches Digital Technology co., ltd., said that with resources and support from Microsoft, Muen and CloudRiches have successfully helped numerous medical seniors raise efficiency when conducting research. The three parties are already going toward a new milestone of AI, hoping to find out more well-organized applications in the future.

This collaboration suggests that various sectors can optimize business operations with the cloud. With the safe, flexible cloud platform provided by Microsoft Azure, along with CloudRiches’ MSP and professional consulting, enterprises get accustomed to the cloud handily.

CloudRiches gives multiple marketing and selling resources to business service providers. It helps refine solutions catering to demand-side businesses; plus Microsoft, CloudRiches further achieves synergy and will promote more similar collaborative patterns in diverse industries. 

Recently, Muen and CloudRiches held the New AI Model in Medical Research Online Summit. We invited Dr. Lee and Dr. Yang to demonstrate AI image analysis and calculate the correlative budget for kidney injury. Participants learned cases having progressive accuracy with the help of algorithms, and ways of creating platforms as well as solutions under the development of the cloud. We sincerely welcome practitioners involved in related professions to get detailed information and together design new fruitful business models from the video about AI in medical research.
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